Thursday, 18 March 2010

Roman Theater in Amman

The Roman Theater is located at the heart of Amman, it was build between AD 169 and 177.

These pics are taken from The Citadel

The theater is built, exploiting the natural slope of the mountain. With it's three orders on seating tiers it has a capacity of 6000 spectators.

These are the remains of the Forum - just in front of the entrance of the Theater

There are contructions works taken place in front of the Theater at the moment. I guess they are rehabilitating the area. As usual now, I have noticed that I have missed something :) It's a habit now! Aparenty there is a smaller covered theater (called an Odeum) to visit as well! I think it;s relly impressing that there are never any signs. So I have to head back andook for it. There are 2 small museums as well, attached to the theater, I will post about them seperately.


passport in my pocket said...

Gorgeous images!!!!

Babs said...

Hiya! Thanks a lot :)

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