Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My street

This morning I was watering my 2 green plants - I only have 2 for the moment!!, well 3 if you count the pot of basil in the kitchen - and I saw 2 things which you very commonly see here in Amman - so I thought I would share them.

The guy yes is cleaning his taxi! Just there parked in my street...

Ok, I admit a more common sight in Europe as well, somebody making a u-turn. The interresting thing in Amman is that: they won't for the only car to pass to do it - when the driver decides it's the time, he just does it and then our street is fairly quiet, but you see this in the middle of a much busier road as well.

And then I haven't mentionned it but it has been pouring down for the past 4 days and I took a couple of pictures as well. When it rains in Amman, it really rains... Apparently it is very unusual that it rains so many days in a row, which is fortunate cause I didn't move to Jordan to get stuck at home because of the rain!


Elisa, Croatia said...

Drivers here are also bendable with the law. They park on the sidewalk! Maybe because the city has no places available where to park. Hope you get some sunshine soon.

Babs said...

sidewalk??? what sidewalk???lol doesn't really exists here, or if it does you have either cars parked or if not then trees planted to avoid cars to be parked i suppose :) it's close to mission impossible to walk here!!!

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