Saturday, 6 March 2010

Shame, Shame on You, Lady!

It is a well known fact that the persons living in the Gulf (Saudi, Qatari...) do in some cases not treat their live-in-maids very well. I remember, when I used to work in Paris, each summer there were cases where maids escaped from the family they were travelling with and go to the police. In the hotel where I worked a family would have big suites and their maids sleep on the floor in the next room. A disgrace. Here in Jordan, it seems to be happen as well that maids are not treated very well, I kind of expected it. What I didn't expect was what I saw the other day while I was in Carrefour.

In the middle of the vegetables, I see this poor Filipino (the majority of maids/nannies are from the Philippines) been shouted at... by an American lady. I was shocked. I mean, she should know better! It doesn't really matter what the one-sided screaming was about (something with vegetables as she was showing here 2 bags of different veggies). This poor girl was just looking on the floor, her eyes filling with tears. Unfortunately Bobs wasn't there so I was alone with Bibs, otherwise I would have told this American lady so full of herself to be very very ashamed of what she was doing.

What is it with people and power? Does she forget how to behave just because she can treat this poor girl like dirt?

Shame, Shame on You, Lady!

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Elisa, Croatia said...

Makes me sad reading about this. Good for you for wanting to stand up to this lady. Ayy.. I agree, what is it with having power?

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