Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A step towards a total Freedom of Speech?

In my first post upon our arrival in Jordan, Our Arrival in Amman, I mentioned an article where it was question about freedom of press and a court rulling going in the wrong direction concerning that matter. Well yesterday, a notable change was made to the Press & Publication Law: the amended version states that "no journalist or ordinary citizen should be detained for practising their freedom of speech" (Jordan Times). One can only applaud such a decree and trust it is the first of many, so that Jordan can be a completely free country.

The minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications was quoted saying (that the Law was designed to) “enhance Jordan’s image abroad as a country that deals in a civilised way with various issues”. Well I hope that the idea of the law is to make Jordan a place where everyone can voice their opinions, and not only to care about what other countries think about Jordan...

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