Thursday, 24 February 2011

Away from Amman: Sitting in Dubai Airport

So this week end we have left for a little break in Dubai... And right now 8 am still at the airport. You see, there are a couple of things you got to Love about Dubai Airport, specially when you are a mum and you have a tired toddler!

The first thing is called a stroller. Yes yes, courtesy of Emirates you have a stroller at your disposition as you exit the plane. No waiting for your own, or carrying your tired baby. You get a beautiful red Maclaren till you reach the arrival hall and pick up yours. Well Bibs today decided not to sleep during the flight (very long flight for mummy here) but as soon as she sat in the stroller she fell asleep.

The second thing is a Costa Coffee cafe in the arrival hall: mummy is relaxing with a nice latte and Bibs is napping peacefully in the stroller. Bliss.

Third thing: free internet for the blogging mummy.

Enjoy your week-end, wherever you are - am going to enjoy time with my little family, fab food , meet ups with friends and very importantly the +25 degrees and sunshine waiting for me as soon as I get to leave the airport.


Mwa said...

I want some of that! I'll even sit in an airport to get it.

kinzi said...

Hi Babs! I am SO impressed, a McClaren stroller?

Glad you enjoyed your time away, and got a moment to delight in a latte an blog post. :)

Alecia @ Hoobing Family Adventures said...

The vast array of duty-free shops are pretty awesome too!

Marie-Aude said...

J'ai été ravie de vous rencontrer tous les trois mardi soir ! Vivement que je vous présente mes princesses et que nous découvrions Amman !

Anonymous said...

We loved Dubai, it's such a treat! And Emrites airline is fantastic!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

You have such an interesting blog!

I’d love you to add a post to my expat Linky Party on March 19th. Hope to see you there, if not sooner

Anonymous said...

amazing coincidence here as we had an awful accident with one of the strollers the day before with a portion of our daughters finger amputated. Having been away from the UK for 3 years now you just seem to miss 'dangerous Maclaren pushchairs' and you'll be surprised by what you see.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Found your blog and feel "homesick" for Jordan, though I am not from Jordan. Sitting here in a still very cold Stockholm. Talked to my sister today in Amman, 23 C!!! I better move to Amman, the weather is better!!!
Thanks for the blog!! /S Susan

Linda A. said...

Hi Babs - we are a Canadian family of 4 traveling the world with the idea of landing Jordan for a month starting mid-October. We'd like to find a home-stay or similar kind of place so that we can mix with other families with kids of similar ages (11 and 12) to get to know more about the daily life and culture there. I'd love to ask you more questions. Please email linda at:

Chase's mama said...

great blog..thanks! chanced upon your blog when I am looking for more information on lifestyle in Amman. I just arrived here from Singapore with my 2.5 yrs old boy and husband. Would like to know more friends..if you like to keep in touch..pls email me at

kinzi said...

Hey internet Mommy, where have you been? Missed your posts :)

Babs said...

Hey Mwa! Loved the coffee and I think it's really cool that you can have it where you collect the luggage!

Kinzi! yeah, I think it's a great idea with these stroller some other airports could def learn something!! Sorry for the long silence... time just flies!

Hello Alecia, you are right the duty free shopping is not bad either.

Salut Marie Aude! Nous aussi on a ete tres contents de faire votre connaissance. On a hate de voir les filles :) A bientot a Amman!

Babs said...

Hey Coop! Hope you are not freezing tooo much!! I love Dubai, specially when you come from Amman (or Angola, like you were...) It is a special place and you spend way too much money!!

Hello Happy homemaker UK - sorry I missed the even, but didnt have internet access at that time! I'll come and have a look at your blog.

Anonymous, So sorry to hear about your dd's finger :(

Hello Susan... Hope the weather has heated a bit up in Sweden... you are Jordanian?

Linda & Chase's mama, am getting in touch via email!!

Anonymous said...

HI! To be correct: Born and brougt up in Sweden, live in Stockholm, mother from Finland and father from Palestine. You understand Danish? /S Susan

Babs said...

@ Susan, wow that's international! I was born in DK and although we moved when kid I speak Danish fluently. can't say as much about my written skills :)

Anonymous said...

I am from the south of Sweden so I pretty much understand (most) spoken Danish!!That is very good of your parent's that they taught you Danish! I don't speak Finish, and am not fluent in Arabic (yet..)./S Susan

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