Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The roofs in Amman... and our TV

The other day I was skyping with my family in Denmark and told them that we finally got some channels to watch on the TV. All television channels come through cable/satellite. And that made me tell them another particularity about Amman... and that's the roofs. They are absolutely covered with satellite dishes, and when I say covered you are going to see what I mean. I find it quite funny cause we moved from this tiny village in Buckinghamshire (UK) where you were not allowed to put a dish up. So take a look at these pictures.

There are some houses with some enourmous dishes as well, but I disn't see one on my walk...

So back to our television. Well on our roof we have 3 different dishes and we have access to all 3 - and to a little more than ... 1000 tv and radio channels. Yes 1000!!! Well the funny thing is - I still can't find anything to watch really!

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Asad1985 said...

If you still can't find anything to watch, I recommend to subscribe with OSN (Orbit Showtime Network). In addition to the 1000 channels you'll have extra 200 channels most of them are in English. I remember It costs me around 300 JDs/Year. I think they are located in Wadi Saqra street, in front of King Abdullah Gardens.

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