Monday, 29 March 2010

A Day out at the Dead Sea

Obviously we didn't just drive to the Dead Sea for the pleasure of driving! Last friday we went to have lunch and spend a few hours by the sea. We chose Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa for our first visit.

As we arrive to get access to the hotel, we are greeted by the usual security checks. Except here you don't get in if you don't have a reservation. If you don't have a reservation and just want to get access to the pool and other facilities, you have to pay 30JD per person and 10 of these go towards a voucher which can be used on food/drink. So the car is checked, the trunck is opened and we are allowed in!

Pictures taken as we wait!

The hotel has several pools (out-door, in-door, heated or not + one only for adults!), a Spa, a play area for children and of course a beach with direct access to the Dead Sea.

The weather wasn't the best, but as soon as the sun was making an appearance between the clouds it was really hot! We spend a bit of time by the pool and Bobs had a swim, while I was playing with Bibs under the parasol. She really enjoyed being outside, she loves to feel the wind on her small face! it makes her laugh. We had lunch at Champions. They have plenty of different restaurants, but we wanted something quick, so we thought a burger would do! and a caramel ice cream afterwards.

View of the Dead Sea from the hotel - as you can see some rain is on the way! But fortunately it didn't last very long. And the temperature was still nice despite of the rain - but I would say not good enough to spend a day by the pool. I suppose you can visit the Dead Sea year around - but I am a bit fussy went it comes to the weather and I like my sun! So if I should stay at the hotel I would probably go a bit later during the year to make sure I have good weather. If I should guess I would say April, May and then September, October (No guarantee though!!)

And now the famous Dead Sea... I didn't try but Bobs did. He said it was really funny. You can't actually walk out in the water, after a bit you have to sit down and then you float! No swimming either. You stay on you bum or your back.

The white you can see on the stones is actually salt! It is one of the saltiest bodies of water - being 8 times as salty as an ocean. The salt content is between 30 and 35%, depending on the season. Bobs said it was actually strange because the water didn't taste of salt as such, but more like some kind of medecine. The Dead Sea supports no life what so ever - no fish and no plants. Next time I take my bathsuit with me so I can try...

And some more pictures if you fancy...

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