Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Un coin de paradis

as we say in French. Six Senses Spa in Ma'In is a corner of paradise. It's exactly how I picture it, I mean Paradise: peaceful, relaxing, good food, lovely surroudings, with my loved ones. And that's it. Ah and free of course, cause if you have to pay as much to stay for eternity in Paradise, it's going to be an expensive one! Seriously, it was near to perfection.

Ma'in is located an hour and a half from Amman, lost in the middle of nowhere. You drive from Madaba, and drive. Suddenly it goes from green fields to a rock and desert environment and you drive some more and you drive down and down and down till you reach 200m below sea level and you get to the entrance of the site.

And then guess, yes you drive some more. The hotel is located at 260m below sea level.

View of the hotel from the Spa

We checked in and got escorted to our room. Well, our suite. We got upgrade to the honeymoon suite located on the top floor with the most amazing terrace and view.

The Spa
The main waterfall & swimming pool
The terrace!

I had pre-booked a treatment at 3pm so I rushed down to the Spa. I had a lovely massage and then we took advantage of the hot springs! The water is 39 degrees with a source coming out in the pool which is 65 degrees. That was absolutely amazing.
There are a total of 3 waterfalls, all hot springs. One of them is public, so it is possible to come and enjoy even though you are not staying at the hotel. The main waterfall is closed for security purposes at the moment. Unfortunately there is a big crack in it. The last one is located at the spa. There is also a natural sauna, it is a cave where you walk in and the source is creating the heat. They also have a small pool for women only.

After Bibs was put to bed, we had an amazing dinner which we ate on the terrace. What a treat to be able to sit outside!
The dinner was composed of mezze, then a sort of curry, which was amazing

and deserts - fresh fruit, different cakes and of course libanese sweets

Don't worry we couldn't eat everything!

The next day we were just very lazzy by the hot spring at the spa. There are many things to look at but one night is not enough and we need something to carry Bibs around in, there are many walks to do. It is possible to go all the way up on the top of the waterfalls.

Before we left we had lunch at the Panoramic restaurant. It's a restaurant managed by the hotel as well but located a few kilometers away with the most amazing view of the Dead Sea.

You can have look at the webside for the rates. For the spa the prices are approx 65 JD for an hour - and they are good at it! We really had a fabulous time, Bobs has promised we are going back!


Elisa, Croatia said...

Wow Babs! You just find the most interesting places to visit. You do your research well. Sounds like a wonderful time and spa? and water falls? and spectacular views?, even though I don't speak French, I agree with you, " un coin de paradis" it is.

Babs said...

we had such a fab time! there are some really awsome places to visit in Jordan :) you are going back home soon no??xx

Scoop said...

Hello Babs, Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm enjoying yours as well!

Stunning pics, I'd love to go to this spa!

I agree with you, there are many positives for you to focus on as an expat (I read your list in another post), I have a similar list as yours, here in Angola. I also cannot walk anywhere but have to depend on a driver to take me places. I have the same shopping issues as you do too. But the positives of a simpler life, the time spent with your family, are priceless. Many blessings to you!


Babs said...

Hi Stacie!

You are right being able to see my daughter grow on a daily basis is priceless! Looking forward reding more about your life in Angola... Enjoy your week end.

Anonymous said...

Hey Babs! I came across your blog few months ago when i was researching for our move to Amman. We've been here for 2 months so still very new.
Thank you for posting your adventures and perspectives online and sharing with others. yes, it helped newbies in town like me.
i have a 20mth and 3.5mth old and often torn apart with stuff i like to do but challenged to do it all with kiddos... i like to connect with you to share our experiences :)

Babs said...

Hello! Always happy to hear my blog helps! Please get in touch this is my email: - bibs is 18 months so neArly the same age. Looking forward to hearing from you :D

Mama G said...

Hi there! I just discovered your blog and am so excited to find more adventures here in Jordan. I have a 21 month old and was just wondering if your little one went into the Springs or what you did with her so that you could enjoy them. I will have my little guy with me, too, but definitely don't want to miss out on the hot springs! Thanks for posting!

Mama G said...

Hi there! I just discovered your blog and am so excited to have a place to come to find out new fun places to visit. Thank you so much for doing this. I am curious if your little one went into the springs and if not, what you did with her so that you could enjoy them. I guess my husband and I could take turns. I didn't know if this place felt more like an adults only type of place or not. I definitely want to visit this hotel and the springs and will have my 2 year old with us.

Babs said...

Hey Mama G! Sorry have been away from my blog FAR TOO LONG! Bibs did try it last time we went she was then 22 months. but she didnt like it very much, I didn't really like the thought that she might drink the water, Sometimes they don't allow children into the spa, but they have made another pool behind the spa where kids can go in. When I was there the area wasn't really finished and there was no shade... so a bit difficult for a toddler really. Am going to have a look at your blog :)

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