Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A little note on... security

I must admit that one of my biggest concerns when we moved to Jordan was security. Jordan is good friends with all it's neighbours, but still... we didn't really know what to expect. And then, we don't hear many things about the small Kingdom of Jordan in European newspapers.

Ovisously everybody know about the terror attacks which happened in Nov 2005, where 3 hotels were hit by suicide bombers and sadly 57 persons died.

But I have to say I feel as much in security here as in Geneva or Copenhagen - certainly more than in Paris or Los Angeles (don't be offended please!). So what is giving that sense of security? Well first of all there is a large amount of police and army around. But that is not the only thing. Hotels have drastic security measures: when somebody drives up to a hotel, the car is searched, boot can be opened and questions might be asked. The number plate of each vehicule is noted. Luggage/hand bags are scanned and all men go through a metal detector, then searched; women are only searched. It is the same measures in all malls, supermarkets and though I thought it was a bit weird in the beginning now it is just part of the routine and I find it somehow reassuring. As well, when you drive out of Amman it is very common to see road blocks, where cars can be searched, papers checked. Nobody are offended, it is normal.

I suppose there are areas in Amman where you don't go, but that's the case everywhere.

So, yes I feel safe in Amman. Even my mum is reassured (and that's no easy task!!). So if you are thinking about a visit to Jordan or thinking about coming to live here that is one thing you don't need to be so concerned about!

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Hope Chella said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is so interesting and I'm happy to follow you now :) Stay safe!!! xoxo

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