Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Why I like our life in Amman!

A couple of weeks ago Bibs was invited to a birthday party. One of my friend's daughter turned 2 (big girl!). We had a nice afternoon with cake and birthday song. As usual in Jordan, there were mums from different courntries and it is always interesting to hear what they think about life here. One of the mums was from Houston, Texas and is married to a Jordanian. They came to live here not too long ago. I usually shoot the question "so what do you think of living here..." but she beat me to it.

And my answer was "i really like it here". She looked at me as she was thinking "what can she possibly like about living in Amman"... and then she asked me exactly that. So here we go: a top 10 of things I like about our life in Amman.

1. important for my mental health: I get up in the morning and the sun is shinning.  And the day when it doesn't, I know it won't last. I know some say I'll be fed up, but let me reassure you... I won't!

2. life is easy. Much easier than in the UK. i have a housekeeper who comes 3 times a week, a hares available should i need to change a light bulb and I buy my vegetables from a guy who stops in front of my building.

3. Jordanians are nice. It is lovely to be in an environment where most people are actually helpful

4. the food. sharwama, humous, the best dates ever... Tomatoes that taste of tomatoes

5. my baby group! and all the lovely mums & babies/toddlers we have met already

6. interesting country, with tons of things to visit and discover

7. the driving haha!

8. though Bobs is working 5.5 days a week I see him more in the evenings than when we were living in the UK

9. how much respect and love the Jordanians show to the Royal family - I really think it is lovely.

10. Last but not least! i dont have to work, which means that i can spend every day with my lovely Bibs. Let's be honest in Europe i should have had to find a job again, we couldn't have afforded this.

And much more...

Of course nothing is perfect. So a top 3 of the bouhbouh things:

1. no pavements: so you can't walk anywhere, I need to take my car whereever I want to go. - that's another thing this lady from Houston didn't really understand! Why should I want to walk?!?

2. grocery shopping: it's expensive (imported goods) and you can't be sure to get what you want just because they had it last time! Well actually not only grocery, all type of shopping. Amman is not a shopping destination!

3. euh can't think of one right now!

What do you like about the place where you live??


Housewife Bliss said...

what a great post, I spent some time in Jordan in 1999 and loved it. Of course Petra tops the list of places to see. I spent 3 months in the middle east, Syria being my fav place. Will be following with interest. said...

I had never thought to live in Jordan, but it sounds lovely. Actually many of the positives (and negatives) you mention are similar to when we lived in Shanghai, China for two years. It is SO nice having help in the form of inexpensive house cleaners, drivers, etc. But you make up for it if you eat out a lot and buy your groceries at foreigner grocery stores.

Babs said...

Housewife Bliss, we haven't had the chance to visit Petra yet - with a 8 months baby, we need to spend a night down there... but for that my hubby needs to get time off work! but I can't wait everybody says it's amazing. Looking forward visiting Syria as well. If i can convince Hubby!!!, I really love it here. For a first expat experience it's great!! we hope to move further east for hubby's next assignment - thinking about Malaysia or Singapore, and China is on the list as well. But hey still a couple of years to go, at least.

Cynthia said...

I'm enjoying your blog and this post especially! I'm an American, living in Amman with my husband and two big kids (15 & 19); we've been here since mid-February. I am from Texas (like the person you mentioned in your post), but from Fort Worth. I agree with you on the sidewalk issue! I actually walk to work every day here in Amman and wish for better sidewalks. Overall, we have found Jordan to be a great place to live and explore. Be sure to visit Petra (and before it gets too hot)!

Babs said...

Cynthia, I am glad you like my blog! so you moved to Amman not long ago as well and you have been busy exploring I can see! Just had a look yesterday but will pass by and read some more very soon...

Katia said...

Hello Babs, thanks for visiting my blog and allowing me to discover yours. I really like your attitude, the best to have if you want to be happy and to enjoy the perks of expat life, and there are so many... But now, I'm really curious to know where you are from. Un petit coin de paradis, you say somewhere above. France? And by the way, I'm like you : ever since I left New York for Nigeria, and then India, I have not, once, missed the winter, and the cold. I used to get so depressed in the winter. No more... :)
Nice "meeting you." Katia

Babs said...

Thanks for stopping by Katia! Actually I am from Denmark but grew up in France, thus the French. We have been here for 3 months today and I really love here. Wow Nigeria as well, you go some very interesting places!

Katia said...

All right ! My best friends here are from Denmark :) Nigeria was interesting, all right. And much, much more.

Babs said...

They are nice people those Danes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Babs,

Thanks for your comments. I am moving to Amman in a month and I find your blog very useful (and with needed sense of humour). I also love walking, do you have any comments or suggestions on an area or neighbourhood in Amman where walking is possible? Any pedestrian area? Somewhere where I could do the basic shoping by foot?

Thanks so much!!




Babs said...

Hi Lalya,

I am glad you find my blog useful! For the walking, I would say that Abdoun is def the best residential area. I live in a quiet neighbourhood in Jabal Amman - so even if the pavements are not as good, the traffic is quite light, so am still able to walk around a bit. The shopping is more tricky, There are some small "supermarkets" scattered around the neighborhoods but most of them are very basic. You also have veggie/fruit men driving around are with stalls where you can buy. Please get in touch if you need any kind of info, will be happy to help!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like Amman, sounds like a great place :) Sounds similar to my experience in Aix except that I didn't have a maid and there are nice pavements in Aix!

Anonymous said...

hey babs! I am Jordanian and i totally agree about the nice weather and the love of our royal family, we do really love them <3
anyway thanks for liking our small lil city but then again, it's your home now


Nadia said...

Lovely blog, enjoyed it! We will be in amman for a month and I was wondering if we could organize a few playdates thru your local mums group. We currently live in Dubai and did four years in Doha prior to this. Have two boys, four and one year old.

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