Friday, 18 December 2009

Babs’ Christmas Goodies…

As we are getting ready for our big move (26 days to go today), I am busy packing but let’s not forget Christmas either :) I have always been a huge Christmas fan – I love the spirit, the carols, the decorations around the house, the tree, the presents… and of course the Christmas baking & cooking. This year it’s even more special as it is Bibs’ first Christmas!

I thought I would share some of the yummy stuff that I do and those of my mum as well. I am from Scandinavia and up north we do have a great tradition for Christmas bakes. We make breads, cakes and cookies… it’s good it’s only Christmas once a year!

I’ll start with a new one – it’s the first year we make this, it’s really yummy! kind of a little gooey texture not dry at all. Like everything in my homeland you eat it with butter! Some apple marmalade or even cheese. It’s great to have at home but also to bring with you should you be out and about for the day.

Honey Cake

The portion is huge, but you can keep it for really long – in fact the longer you keep it, the better it gets! – well that’s what the recipe says…

500g Honey
500g Muscavado sugar
3dl water
2 eggs
1kg self-raising flour
2ts ginger (powder)
2ts cinnamon (powder)
2ts cloves (powder)
zest and juice of 2 oranges
250g raisins (or other dry fruits dates, apricots – then cut in smaller pieces)
Butter for greasing / or use banking paper

Warm the honey, sugar and water in a big pot. Let it cool completely (quite handy as there is snow outside for the moment!). Mix all the other ingredients in the pot directly.

Grease the oven proof dish and cook at 150 degrees for 40min. This depends on how thick your cake is. The one on the picture nearly got 2 hours as it was really thick. The cake should just get off the knife (it should still be a little humid) then it’s ready. Don’t leave it for too long or it’ll get dry.
As said you can keep it for weeks – just pack it in food packing paper (pergament paper) or a tea towel.

IMG_8012  IMG_8038


irene Ma-Poon said...

g pas gouter a ton honey cake moi :s

Babs said...

ben non t pas venue nous voir pou Noel!!! ct mari bon!

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