Friday, 12 March 2010

Another trip to Mount Nebo

My parents have just arrived - they were looking very much forward to having a look at this intriguing country, and so far so good they like it! - and yesterday we decided for a little drive to Mount Nebo. Instead of driving through Madaba, we went the other way round, so we left Amman in the direction of the Dead Sea - as usual the driving is a bit of guessing when you don't know the road, but finally we seem to be on the right track. The road towards the Dead Sea is very beautiful and dramatic. I didn't really take any pictures, but will definetely next time Bobs is with us. After driving downhill and more downhill, we finally arrive on some kind of plateau and see a sign "Mount Nebo 500m" - well nearly... actually you have to make a u-turn and drive back in the opposite direction to get to a tiny road that will take you in the direction of the famous mountain. I just love the discovery driving in Jordan!!

So we start the ascension and drive through a very poor area. There are many bedouin camps on the way.

haha! My flag that I bought from the street vendor!

I think it brings much more to the experience to drive this way up to Mount Nebo. It takes much more time than if you are coming from Madaba, but I find that it is really worth it.

Suddenly there are these small areas of olive trees and then the desert continues

A camel who thought it was smart to have a little nap on the road!!

You can see the cross on the top of the mountain

We get out of the car, and waow it is hot, the thermometer in the car is marking 32 degrees. Mimosas have flowered and there are a lot of them.

In front of the monument you see as you walk up is a list of some organisations which have donated to the renovation works and maintenance of the site and one of them is...

 It's the second time I have been up there, and it is really a special feeling to look out over the promised land. Some more pictures...


Elisa, Croatia said...

Several things.

1. So happy your parents are visiting you.
2. You are driving in Jordan? You should give yourself alot of credit.I'm still nervous about driving here.

3.Your pictures are amazing, camel on the road?u, first time I've seen that.

Elisa, Croatia said...

Forgot to mention Nebo means sky in Croatian

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