Monday, 15 March 2010

A Visit to Gerasa

Located 50km north of Amman is Jerash - also known as Gerasa in the bible. Jerash is home to some amazing greco-roman ruins. It was very hot when we we were up there - far too hot for Bibs, so we didn't get to see everything but here are some pictures... It is very impressive!

You walk through a small zouk, where you an buy different souvenirs and handicrafts, to get to the entrance of the site. Good thing as we forgot - as usual - to take water with us... and it was much needed on a hot day like that. We also bought a guide and it is very useful to get a feel for the site. I think I saw some authorised guides as well at the South gate entrance.

We bought some paintings for our apartment. We got the 3 large ones for 55JD and the 2 small ones for free. So all in all not too bad!

Ok, they will look much better on the walls...

 After the zouk we bought our tickets (8JD/person for non Jordanians) and we enter another world.

Arch of Triumph or Hadrian's Arch - Built to commemorate the Emperor's visit to Gerasa in 129AD
The South End of the Hippodrome (reconstructed)
View of the site - with the Temple of Artemis in the background
South Gate entrance

The Forum
Cardo Maximus
Cardo Maximus is 800-metre-long and is the main street of ancient Gerasa. It is along this way that all the main structures of the city could be found: markets, temples... (This is where we stopped - it is just the beginning of what there is to see, so we need to go back, when less hot!)

Temple of Zeus - view from the Oval Plaza
South Theater
The theater has been restored and as well as being as tourist attraction, it is also used in public events. It has 32 rows and can hold 3000 spectators.

To finish our visit in Jerash we had a quick lunch in the restaurant located next to the entrance to the zouk. A mixed grill, served in a sort of pita bread, for 6JD. They have a buffet for 12JD. We didn't have any cash, the waiter said not a problem the machine is just down the road... nearly Bobs had to take the car and was gone for 15 minutes...

So you guessed it we will go back to Jerash for sure! and be back with more pictures...


Elisa, Croatia said...

I like the photographs you bought. Wow, impressive photos. So much history.

Babs said...

It's such an impressive site!!! and I can't wait to see our paintings on the wall lol! Maybee this weekend :)

m said...

wow, what a nice place, the pictures makes me feel nostalgic to the Roman era( I will probably be a slave :( )

can you do any cycling in that area?

Did you have the chance to Visit Ghor Elsafi? south of the dead sea. they have some nice churches there


Mohamed Karim

Babs said...

Hi Mohamed! I have always been interested in the Roman era - everything was so grand and beautiful! Wondering what I would have beed lol, a nymph :) haha
You can do cycling, the road to Ajloun seems good, hilly though!

Babs said...

oh and no I havent visited Ghor el Safi, the name rings a bell, but I can't remember what I read about the area.

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