Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Preparing the move

6 weeks today that we arrived to Amman and finally we are moving... today, tomorrow... don't know but it is happening and that's fabulous :)

Yesterday as I was packing, Bibs was looking very couriously at me while one toy after the other went back into the suitcase. She must have been wondering, what's happening now? Why are they disappearing ... again! So nearly everything is packed, just waiting with the last few things. They had some trouble starting the boiler - so we are waiting for the hot water to reach the taps and then we are out of here!

We have been to Carrefour to buy some pots, pans and other necessities we need until we get our things delivered, which should happen on sunday. Price wise: Tefal pans are between 15-20JD depending on the size, pots the same. I bought a mixer/blender for 33JD (promotion), for cooking accesories like wooden spoons and things like that, count between 2-5JD depending on what you want. Food wise prices are not terribly expensive except improted cheese, creme fraiche, ham... for exemple the tiniest pot of creme fraiche (1dl I guess) is 3.5JD and then wine as well: don't think you get a bottle under 10JD. Carrefour doesn't sell alcohol. You have a small shop inside Cozmo or you have to buy it from liquor stores - I haven't seen many but there is one at 5th circle. No special licence is required (like in UAE, for exemple).
I have to say it was quite a feeling to put things in cupboards and the fridge again. Simple things of life can make one very happy.

Thought I would share a couple a pictures of the apartment. As you can see it is not fully furnished -some things have happened since I took the pictures: the furniture in the right place, some plants, a coffee table... but still it gives you an idea.

The entrance to the building

The living/dining room

What is now Bibs' play area

Living Room 2 - and the TV was already there...

Kitchen - dishwasher supposed to arrive today! Oh and the tap is up as well!!

And I have to add that the pantry does have windows as well - I was exagerating in my previous post! I absolutely love all the sliding doors, that was one of the things we nearly all the apartments we visited - the apartments in the older buildings tend to be a bit dark.

I won't have an internet connection to begin with - apparently we have to wait for our residency to get it installed so it may take some time. So I don't really know how I will manage to get my posts online. Will have to find a cafe somewhere where there is Wifi!


Amit said...

We are a young American family with a 1 year old baby boy, and we will be moving to Amman in a few months to work with the UN. We love your blog, and it has been so helpful in getting a better sense of the place!

We've been reading and enjoying your entries thoroughly.

Your apartment and neighborhood are really lovely, and exactly the kind of living arrangement we are looking to find. Would it be possible to get some suggestions particular neighborhoods or rental agencies?

We'd also be very grateful for any information you might have on a nice Mom & Babies group.


- I follow your blog, so I think you may be able to email me directly.

Babs said...

Hey Amit! Happy New Year :) I have send you a friend request through blogger so hope you get my message, otherwise please let me know!

Amit said...

Thanks for your kind reply. I can't seem to find your friend request on blogger, which I am entirely new to (and most likely quite inept at using properly)! Would you mind trying again? Looks like we will be arriving in Amman in this May. Most of all, it would be really great to get some recommendations on baby stuff; our little one will be almost 2 by the time we arrive!

Babs In Amman said...

Hey Amit! Will do a complete "baby" post over the week end :) please get in touch On this email: - haven't really checked out the blogger thinggy either!

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