Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thoughts about Individuality

I am a wife, I am a mum, I am number 2 of 2 sisters, I am a daughter, I am an aunty and a sister in law. I am all this but who am I? I mean: me, as an individual?

I have given up my carrier in hospitality, yes, my choice – so that I can have a stable family life and take care of my baby-girl. I have left the continent where I have my family, my friends, yes my choice again – so that my husband can fulfil his career ambitions. These 2 decisions have of course changed my life, and I would do it all again. No regrets. Am I happy? As happy as I can be. But of course it doesn’t leave much space for me: I am a wife and a mum! So what do I do to be me? What am I passionate about?

I have always liked writing – so I have started this blog. I don’t think am particularly good at it. But it is a way for me to keep “in the loop” those back “home” (see my previous post about this topic), helping others who wish to move to Jordan (tomorrow probably another country) and it is also good for my brain! Who knows? I might even get better at it as well! But more importantly I enjoy it! I enjoy thinking about what I am going to write about and always having my camera on me, should I see something that I find interesting and that I want to share.

That brings me to the second thing I really enjoy: photography. I am really working on this. Is it an art? I guess it can be – even though I don’t create something as such, a great picture still brings emotions just like a painting or a piece of music can do. I take pictures of Bibs (tons!) and then of everything and anything. These past couple of years I have taken thousands. Am I good at it? Sometimes I capture what I want but most of the time I miss. So here again I hope I will get better over time…

The last thing on the list is of course being Mum. Wow, that is the most amazing thing in the world! I am working on it every minute of my day – every day brings it’s new surprises and I love it. But I also want Bibs to grow up seeing me as being someone else than “mum”. And I hope that the 2 previous hobbies will help me to achieve that.

These things are mine. The other things I am passionate about are all things shared with Bobs: the travelling, the hotels & the restaurants, the cooking. But again, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yet, it is difficult as an individual to evolve in an everyday life where everything is about the persons you love – should they be close or far away.

Thanks Elisa (and your sister) for this amazing subject. Hope I have answered your question…


petite_paloma said...

I enjoyed reading your post. thank you

Elisa, Croatia said...

Thanks for sharing your story. Photography is about perspective. Beauty is all around us. When you take a photo you are sharing that beauty with the rest of us. Keep it up. Remember my friend from Jordan? You brought a smile to her face!=)


Babs said...

Thanks both of you :)
... I like to bring smile on people's faces!!

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