Monday, 8 November 2010

Away from Amman: a view of Port Louis, Mauritius

When we are in Mauritius we live just north of the capital Port Louis. It is a very busy city, where Creoles, Chinese, Indians, Christians, Muslims or Buddhists live together.

There are a few things to look at in Port Louis, of course the Bazaar, the Waterfront, Aapravasit Ghat (world heristage site), the Citadel, to name a few.

Entrance to the Central Market, or Bazaar of Port Louis
The Bazaar: you will find everything here: Fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish; then there is the more "tourist" side with all kind of souvenirs (t-shirts, crafts...), but also vanilla, spices or herbs. All prices in the later part are discussed - one small tip for the vanilla pods : some not so honest sellers soak the pods in water so they look more attractive, but a pod should be more on the dry side. This time I paid 200 rupees for 10 pods - they are now in a glass with a bit of sugar waiting to be used in Christmas goodies or in other "canard a la vanille".

Some examples of the different religions present on the island: the entrance to a Chinese Temple, the Mosque, the Cathedral and a Hindi temple. I admit the temple is from another city, not far from Port Louis. 

 And some other views of Port Louis...


Croatian_Latina said...

such a diverse place you live in. I like seeing all the vegetable/fruit stands.

ahh you are making vanilla sugar!

Babs said...

that's really one of the characteristics of Mauritius and Reunion Island as well, all these different people mixed - it created something special. You can buy fruits and veg everywhere, not only the market, but nearly all the streets as well... really exciting! i loooove vanilla!

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