Friday, 5 March 2010

Well deserved one for Mr Harres!

So here it comes, the well deserved post about our Handy-Man. Poor guy, I still don't know his name!

First of all, he is Egyptian and he lives on floor -2 of our apartment block. Yep -2. On the intercom of the apartment I have a button so I can call him directly should I need him - ok a bit difficult as I can't explain what I need or want but, he quite happily seems to find his way up to the 1st floor where we have a small dicussion with our hands and also quite often a giggle cause we don't understand eachother!

So Mr Handy-Man is called a "Harres" in Arab (pronounce Harry's like in Harry's Bar) and he takes care of the building. He floads the stairs when he needs to clean them and takes down the garbage for you, 10 times during the day should you need it, you just put it out in front of the door and poof suddenly it's gone. To give you an idea here is a small list of things he has done for us: removed some of the furnitures we didn't want, moved others because I wanted them in an other place. Need a ladder? he brings one. Need a meter? he brings one. Need a srewdriver to put some batteries into Bib's toy? he takes the toy and does it. Arriving with the luggage he'll carry it, the same for the groceries. Just call him and he is there. Amazing. Ah forgot! Need something from the small nearby so called "supermarket", he'll go and buy it. All this for 150JD/per year. Ok and then because we feel bad and are not used to all this we tend to give hime a little something here and there - and he always looks as surprised when he gets something - so I guess it is not the norm.

Thumbs up for Mr Harres!


Elisa, Croatia said...

Wow, It would be hard for me to get used to such service. I guess because I have done it so long, but it is "handy" when hubby is not around to have a man to help around.

Its nice that you give him a little extra.

Babs said...

Well I have to admit that you get used to all this quite easily :) But the Jordanians are really hard on all these type of people and that is a thing i can't get used to!...

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