Monday, 1 March 2010

Let's be fair!

So yes there are things not working so well in Jordan - but it's everywhere isn't it? So let's be fair and talk about the things I really find makes things a lot easier, yes yes there are things like that as well...

For exemple, this morning I had a coffee table delivered. Not only did they call me yesterday to confirm that they were coming between 10am-12pm (not like 8am-5pm in the uk). They were actually here on time and the best of the best they were 3 guys and they asked if they should mount it. It took 10 minutes and they were out again. Oh yes, the delivery and the putting-the-table-together-thing are free of charge! I know labour is cheap here but still, some stores back in Europe could learn from that, instead of making money on their customers back all the time. I don't know about you but in Europe I always have the impression that you do the shops a favour by shopping with them, whereas here it is still the opposite, and I hope it will last!

The other thing is also absolutely amazing: Friday we went to do our groceries in Miles (very nice supermarket located in Mecca Mall) and this is what I love: first of all Valet parking when you arrive. Ok it's 1JD but it's nice! When you finish your groceries and you arrive to the till: there is somebody to take the things out of the trolley and put it on the belt, then the packs everything for you; and he even seperates the different sort of items: fruit and veg, cleaning products... Say that you are jealous! but it doesn't stop there: you can even have somebody to push your trolley up to your car and load it. And when you get home you have your favourite "Mr Handy-Man" to take it up to your apartment for you. And if you have a maid with you well she pushes your trolley when doing your groceries and puts the things in the fridge when you come home... Don't worry I can still manage to push my trolley!!


Elisa, Croatia said...

Yes I'm Jealous!!! Valet parking at the grocery store? Do you know how amazing that sounds especially for a Mother who has to fumble with her keys to unlock the car, then strap the child in, then carry the groceries.

by the way nice table.

Babs said...

Yeah I know!! It's just soo convenient. They'll even help you to fold the stroller, put baby in the car if you let them!

Our apartment starts to look like a little something! Not easy when some of the furniture/curtains/carpet is not yours... Just need to buy some decorations, cause we really don't have anything!

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