Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pampering & Baby group!

We are a group of more or less 12 mums who meet a couple of times every week, once at the British Club and then either in a cafe or at somebody's place. Well yesterday one of the mums had arranged that we could have a manicure/pedicure done! What a fab idea. It's true it is not always easy to find the time for yourself when you have a baby (or more) to look after, so instead of going to a salon for having it done, well the salon came to us! That's a great thing about the Middle East - those things are possible. Wouldn't even dare to imagine what it would cost in the UK (or other western country)... but yesterday I had a pedicure and manicure done for the bargain price of 15JD, yes yes 15. For 5 hours there was 2 ladies who did all our nails while we were looking after eachothers baby.

Got to like that!!


Elisa, Croatia said...

WOW. what a treat! So happy to hear you have a group of mums to hang out with.You are right, sometimes as 'mom's we forget that we too need a little pampering! I agree,if we were too arrange something like this,even in the states, it would be impossible and even might cost a fortune.

Babs said...

lol i spend all my time to look after Bibs, when she naps I cook for her and iron her clothes... and when she is finally in bed for the night, then I look after my hubby! lol

snomad said...

hey, cool blog! i've recently moved to amman and have a 5 month old! i'm interested in the mother baby group - could you tell me more?

Babs said...

Hey snomad,

Welcome to Amman & sorry for the late reply!... The baby group takes place every wednesday at the British Club (british embassy) - from 11 to 1pm (or more!). Please feel free to contact me: babs.inamman@yahoo.com - looking forward to hearing from you

The Married Bell's said...

Just wondering if the toddler group still takes place. We are new new to Amman, we just arrived two weeks ago.

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