Sunday, 28 March 2010

Between Amman & the Dead Sea

It takes approximately 45 minutes to drive from Amman to the Dead Sea. It is a very beautiful road (and a bit dangereous as well), specially here in spring time as the trees are blossoming and everything is green. So I thought I would share a few pictures. They are all taken from the car. It is not easy to stop on the road and with Bibs in the car I prefer not to.

It goes down and down and down... Amman is between 800m and 1400m in the mountains and the shores of the Dead Sea are at 420 under sea level. All that in roughly 40km!

We are at sea level. 18 kilometers still to go. 

A road check before you arrive to the hotel area by the Dead Sea. The car in front of us was stopped and the guard asked some questions, the car behind us was send to the side, I suppose for a search. We were waved through and that's a good thing: first of all I always panic when asked questions by the police or the army, don't know why. It's
like I have done something wrong even when I haven't! and then I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten my drivers licence at home, because I changed my bag and forgot to take it! So shortly after Bobs took the wheel for the rest of the journey... Not easy if we get stopped to explain to a non-english-speaking jordanian police officer that I still have a (post) pregnancy brain!!

One thing you see everywhere specially on Fridays is people having a picnic. They just stop on the side of the road, find a tree a sit under it. So you have cars parked everywhere on the side of the road. They even make a fire to have a barbeque! They only thing is that they also leave the garbage behind them instead of taking it with them to throw it out... so you often see plenty of platic bags hanging in the trees...Ashame...

Something else on the side of the road: vegetables! You see women, men and children selling small or big amounts of fruits and vegetables. It can be just one sorts: oranges, eggplants, tomatoes, courgettes... or a stall with many different varieties. And then you have others just selling random things!

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