Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Veggies...Veggies for Sale

Meet ... my Veggie Guy!!!

On one of my walks in the neighbourhood I found a street vendor selling fruit and vegetables. He comes here every monday and I can just call him and he comes to our building! That's another thing that just makes life so easy. When I met him I just bought a pack of strawberries - really yummi - for 750 fils (so not even 1 JD) and then he ran after me with a banana for Bibs; I thought that was really nice and the banana was so tasty!!! So I look forward to next monday so I can call him - I am so glad I found him, I prefer to buy from a vendor than a supermarket. Not only is it cheaper and tastier, but I like to support the local community... I don't think that Carrefour needs my money as much as my Veggie guy!


Elisa, Croatia said...

My uncle used to drive a vegetable/fruit truck in Mexico, years ago.. He and his kids would go screaming down the streets, "come get your fresh tomatoes, you need potatoes, onions? come get them!" He really enjoyed doing that unfortunately he worked for another man who owned the "vegetables' and the pay wasn't that great. They now live in the States! Seeing this photo made me think of my uncle!

Babs said...

Happy I could bring some memories :)

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