Thursday, 25 March 2010

A cake for every occasion

My parents left this morning - we will miss them, and they will specially miss Bibs... so I am back to a more regular posting. While they were here, we had 2 different occasions for celebration and I thought I would share our yummi cakes! Not that I made them myself!

But before these 2 we had another one a couple of weeks after we arrived to Amman, as Bibs was celebrating her 6 months. So here you go.

Absolutely yummi chocolate/praline cake! Ashame Bibs couldn't have any...

My dad's birthday cake! gorgeous with coffee soaked sponge with layers of whipped cream and strawberries - roasted almonds and cut fruits as decoration

And then one for me! My first mothers day. Really light chocolate mousse with a biscuit and strawberry gelee base. Hmmm!!


Hope Chella said...

I agree on those Jimmy Choos and these cakes look amazing :) xx

Elisa, Croatia said...

that first cake looks like a crepe? perfect combo chocolate and strawberry and the next two also look delicious. In Mexico we celebrate Mother's day on May 10. but in the states its the second Sunday in May..interesting

I'm sure your parents will miss your little one dearly.

Babs said...

It is a strange thing with Mother's day... I think every country just picks a sunday! But then if you are a multi-cultural family you can end up with 2 or 3 mum days a year, not bad!! It is a decoration of marzipan that is over the first cake.

Yummi! I can't wait for my birthday :) to see what cake i will get!!

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