Saturday, 20 February 2010

I like my new hair & my chat with the street vendor at the red light

This morning I decided to go the hair dresser. Now that we know where we are going to live, I chose one not to far from our new "home" and went to "Pace & Luce" at the Sheraton. All the big hotels have their hair dresser and it is very common to come from the outside. So I put Bibs in her pushchair and off we went. I had already been there a couple of weeks ago to have a pedicure done (8JD) and Mary-Lou had told me I could bring Bibs and she would look after her while I had my hair done! So I took her word for it... and she did entertain her the whole time I sat there. And though I was a bit sceptical when the hairdresser started I must say I love my new hair, just need to get some highlights done now as well, maybe next week. It cost me 28JD not cheap but not a price I find too stiff either, far cheaper than the UK or my dear hairdresser Cyril in Paris - I miss his "sexy" haircuts!

I wanted to check out a Chicco store that I saw last time on Naser Ben Jameel Street. Just after 5th circle at the red light was this street vendor selling Jordanian flags that you can put on your window screen and I thougt I'll have one. So I called him over and handed him 1JD, he gave me the flag and said 2 JD. It went on for a little while, "1JD... 2JD" and he said "got 2 babies, please come back tomorrow ms" and I said "OK maybe". I continued my way to the Chicco store and Bibs as usual got plenty of things. It is a very well furnished shop, with toys, travel systems, cots, baths, clothes. Got Bibs a walker (65JD) and a few toys, including a phone in hope she will leave my cell phone alone now... wishful thinking! Wish one would you prefer??

On the way back we meet the flag guy again! And of course he recognises me; he comes over to the car and makes a sign so that I open the window. And he goes "2JD" and "I have 2 babies" - this times he shows me how small with his hands - seems very newborn to me, maybe twins?!? lol. So I tell him: jordanian price 1/2 JD, but me 2JD? and he goes "YES" with a big smile and gives me another flag! So I guess he deserves his other JD for being so honest; even if he is not married and has no children! Bless him.


Elisa, Croatia said...

So pardon my asking but what how much is 8JD in euros? for the pedicure? By the way I shared your link on flickr with my classmate (from Amman) and she was so happy I found pictures of her hometown!

Babs said...

haha that's good to hear :) I am putting new pictures on as I take them so she'll get plenty to look at! 8JD is a little more than 8Euros - Yeah I know! Nice... i'll get those done quite a bit while I am hear...

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