Monday, 10 May 2010

Sushi Course!

One thing I particulary enjoy about our life here is all the mums I have met. It is really fab to meet women from all around the world, and today one of the Japanese mums invited all of us to a "baby group" as we call it, but with a little bonus: we learned how to make inside-out maki - aka california rolls. She had prepared everything: several working stations and the goodies for the rolls: sushi rice, cucumber, crab sticks, avocado, mayo and sesame seeds.

Prepared table for the cooking lesson

First she showed us and then we all had a go!
first: rice on the seaweed and flip it over. She used a small piece of baking paper so that the rice doesn't stick to the mat. Then she added the goodies inside.
Rolly-rolly and some sesame seeds!

and then end result by one of us:

Ok we have to practice some more... but they were really nice!


Elisa, Croatia said...

Girl, I'm salivating here I love sushi!!! Are you able to find fresh fish like tuna? looks like it was a fun gathering.

Babs said...

I am a sushi fan as well:) in the uk my hubby used to make them at least once a week (torture when pregnant!)... here we haven't really found a place to buy the fish so we have to get from a restaurant, but they are yummy!

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