Sunday, 12 December 2010

Winter in Amman and a Christmas Bazaar

One good thing rarely arrives alone: winter has arrived in Amman and with it some long wanted rain. Today has been a real winter day: cold, rain, hail and wind, a strong and cold and sandy wind. I am glad for the rain, not because I like it, but because we need it, still I admit I am happy because tomorrow afternoon it should be over and done with: back to sunshine and warmer temperature. Yet we need more rain, it has barely rained this autumn - I can count the days on one hand - and Jordan desperately needs water.

So with the winter weather, came my first visit to a Ammani Christmas Bazaar this week-end. Organised under the patronage of HRH Prince Raad Bin Zeid and Al-Hussein Society and in cooperation with the diplomats and the different ladies clubs in Amman it was a well organised event. It opened at 11am, I was there at 11 and it was absolutely packed: Jordanians and expats.

There were stands from many many countries: including all Scandinavian countries. I bought myself a lovely Finnish table-cloth for Christmas, as well as some red candles and other small hand-made things.

The French stand, on the right above, was very very busy. They were selling all kind of French food that is impossible to get here: rillette, foie gras, sausages or Calisson d'Aix, a French almond sweet. I was told that I managed to miss the Malay food however, didn't see their stand, I won't forget next year!


pim said...

hi there B, B and B.

through following Elisa's blog from Croatia, I entered a totally unknown part of the world in your nice blog.

living most of the year in Croatia ourselves (but at the moment in Holland), sitting behind my pc I keep a bit connected to Croatia in the meantime.

at least, that's the plan, but plans change, so I look around a bit in your world in the Middle East before I turn my head again.

your Chinese cooking looks tasty, and I think the main reason not all chinese tastes like genuin chinese is the lack of porc meat overthere.

anyway, enjoy your life there, like Elisa (and me and the wife) does in Croatia.

groeten uit Nederland, Pim

Babs said...

Hi Pim! Welcome and Thanks for visiting my blog! One of the main problem is the port you are right... but the other is than there are no chinese to cook the food lol! My my mum-in-law is coming this week, with wantan skins, fresh noodles... hmmm feast! :) Enjoy Holland!

Lizzie said...

Hi there, My name is Lizzie and I am currently living in Saudi with my husband. We are driving up to Amman this weekend to get some Christmas things (I know...a 5 hr drive for some baubles, sounds a little crazy but as you can imagine there is NOTHING to do with Christmas in Saudi!!)
I found your brilliant blog, and I was wondering if you could let me know the address of the Christmas shop that you went to.
Thanks so much!
Merry Christmas!

Babs said...

Hi Lizzie!
I totally understand, very impressed that you have convinced hubby to make the drive though haha:
Do you know Amman a little bit? - the little Christmas Shop is in Sweifeih: if you exit Baraka Mall on the back side and go down the hill you'll find the shop, it's a little walk, all the way down to Wakalat Street nearly. If you walk aound in Sweifieh you'll find some small shop here and there selling a little bit of decoration.
You can also go to Cozmo - the BHV above has some nice decoration. write to me: if you want some further directions. Enjoy the drive and the Christmas shopping!

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