Monday, 4 October 2010


This morning on Facebook I was looking at some pictures posted by a friend of mine who has just returned to Copenhagen and suddenly I find that I am "home"sick... Well not exactly, I am Denmark sick! So here are some pictures of my homeland.

Last two times we were in Copenhagen it was in november... that's why it looks so cold and there are Christmas decorations everywhere. I really need to take Bobs in summer, cause all he knows of Denmark is cold, snow and wind - there is actually also a bit of sunshine and warmth. Copenhagen is wonderfull during summer-time.


Croatian_Latina said...

I hope one day I'm able to visit Denmark. When I was studying in Australia I met a couple of students from Copenhagen (which we still keep in touch via FB) and Babs I read on a blog I follow that there is a new cupcake place that just opened. the pictures of the cupcakes are amazing.

That picture with the sculpture of the lady on the sea we have something similar in the town of Opatija, Croatia. I don't blame you for missing your 'home'country.

biking in heels said...

Hi Babs, thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to reading about your adventures in Amman.

Btw, even though summers here are quite lovely, I love winter in Denmark, its very hyggeligt.

Babs said...

you should Elisa! It's really a great country :) hmm cupcakes :) lol

@ biking in heels! Samewise, good to see you! I used to spend all my x-mas in DK when I was kid and I loved it. A true Christmas spirit and really "hyggeligt" (going to feel very strange in Jordan this year!)

Andrew said...


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Ulrike, Dubai said...

I get Hamburg-sick. Home is here, wherever I am at the time, really. But when I see pictures of Hamburg (where I am from) I get Hamburg-sick. Especially if it's cold and Christmassey on the pictures. That's when I miss it most.
Because I grew up in the north and we went sailing every weekend, I know Denmark very well, and even I started sighing when I saw pictures. The little mermaid - we would to stop in a little marina just up from her and then walk into the city around the corner - it's a lovely place.
But Amman is lovely, too. I like the bird park, perfect for smaller children!

Babs said...

Ulrike! I know what you mean with Christmas... it's going to be strange to be in a country where there is no Christmas spirit! Have only been to Hamburg once, we had to stop because of the snow - i took us whole day from Puttgarten to Hamburg! My grandparents used to live 10 mins walk from the little mermaid :)

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