Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Breakfast Review II: Le Royal Amman

While I was still in the middle of packing for our holidays, I still managed to enjoy one more breakfast with the other mums and babies. We decided to try out the breakfast at Le Royal Hotel.

View of the hotel from Zahran Street
The hotel is located on 3rd circle, very impressive with its 31 floors and 13 food & beverage outlets. We had our breakfast high up, sorry I can't remember what floor, but to be honest it doesn't matter cause the restaurant is located in the middle of the building so there is no fancy view! A shame it would have added to the experience.

The breakfast was average. The pastries were nice, Bibs loved them and swallowed 2 mini croissants in an eye beat. I didn't like the omelette, the pancakes were fluffy but just common. The greeting was nice and the waiters looked after us, however I needed to leave before my friends because Bibs was too tired and me thinking about my luggage: I left my 16JDs on the table with my friends. One of the waiters actually stopped me and asked if I had paid as I was leaving the restaurant. hmm not my idea of service when there are still people sitting at my table. 

So, not the best in town, probably the least interesting we have had so far.


Croatian_Latina said...

that's tacky, very tacky that they would stop you on your way out. is not like the place was packed and they didn't know where you were sitting right? hmmm. you probably won't be coming back to their hotel.

Babs said...

that's what i thought... he had no reason for stopping me, the odds are am not going back, for breakfast it's sure!! have heard that their cocktail lounge is not bad, so maybe...

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