Sunday, 25 April 2010

King Hussein Park

It seems the good weather is back over Amman. I hope this time to stay. It is not because we live in the Middle East that the weather is fab every day, ok most of the time it is! But outdoor lounges are now starting to open in the hotels around the city - Grand Hyatt is opened already and the Sheraton very soon... So I guess it means, summer is on it's way! But that's not what I wanted to post about today. I wanted to talk a bit about King Hussein park, that's also a thing to enjoy now that the weather is nice and still not too hot!
This is week I took Bibs to King Hussein park for a walk. I met up with a Danish friend of mine and her daughter. And off we went for the discovery of the park. It is located on the outskirts of town, opposite City Mall. It is a large park located on a hill: at the top you have the Royal Automobile Museum, the Children's Musuem and the King Hussein Mosque. The museums are closed on tuesdays, I haven't been in either of them. However I have heard some very good things about the Children's Museum and will certainly go and visit very soon - I guess when it is too hot to be outside! The Mosque I haven't visited either, I must go and check it out (if I am allowed to enter - maybe some fellow bloggers know??)

King Hussein Mosque

Last time I was there, it looked very bare but now the trees are green and provide shade. You will often see families picnicking under the trees, young couples on a date sitting and chatting, or groups simply enjoying the weather and smoking a shisha.

Half way down in the park, there is what is called the "village". It is a small area with some arts, a fountain, a few small ceramic shops and a rather large cafe/restaurant where you can enjoy something refreshing in the heat. I don't really know the opening times, so I cannot assure that it is open all year/every day!

This is the entrance to the so-called "village"
Some of the sculptures

Views of the Park

The bottom of the park, I haven't visited. I know there are some basketball fields and I have heard about a little train as well but haven't actually seen it... will let you know if I find it!

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