Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Proud Mummy!

I have never done 2 posts in the same day. But I have to. I am just so proud. Bibs is growing so fast; these past 10 days have been so eventful, I have to share it. She is now waving - ok very randomly but she thinks it's so much fun! She has started to clap her hands as well, it just looks so cute, as these 2 small hands come together and she grins all over her face.

Feeding as changed as well. Before I used to give her small pieces of her biscuits or fruit in her mouth so she could eat it. Now she wants to hold it herself and bites and chews! 2 days ago she started to feed me as well. It is just so lovely. She takes some food in her hand and stretches her arm towards me; then she laughs as I approach my mouth.

All this is just fab, but now comes what made my day today. She was sitting on the floor playing and she has got into the habit of throw things a little bit away from her, and then get upset cause she couldn't reach them. Well this morning just reached for her favorite train wagon. Lands on her belly, looks at me very unhappily, like "mummy help me", but I decided to stay put and she then started to get up again and manged to get into sitting position! She just looked so happy and so proud of herself. Laughing and grinning and tapping the wagon and a block together. It was truly a victory for her. Since she has done it several times and just loves it!

I am so proud of my little princess! Of course this brings a new tiny problem. Missy doesn't have the time to sleep and when I try to put her to bed she just sits up and starts playing... Exciting times ahead!


Anonymous said...

Well done Amelie! Isn't it amazing how we mothers find pleasure in all the small and big accomplishments of our daughter? :)

Elisa, Croatia said...

I share the excitement with you! I can totally understand.

punkfanatic3000 said...

haha amelie grandi super vite. Apres elle va pouvoir marcher et courrir partout. Super le blog, avec tout plein applications.

Babs said...

thanks Elisa :) It's getting more and more exciting day after day!!
@ punkfanatic3000 - merci! C beaucoup de boulot aussi le blog lol. Bibs grandit tellement vite c incroyable! elle est presque a 4 pattes la!! Suis si fiere haha

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