Friday, 30 April 2010

Another friday afternoon in Amman

Today the weather was a bit dull - a bit cold, some rain, some wind... All in all not fab. So after a very lazy morning with decided to try out a chinese restaurant and we headed to the New Shanghai Restaurant located somewhere in between Abdoun and Sweifiyeh. "New", because apparently there is an "Old" one as well, located in Jabal Amman.

This is the building; the restaurant in located on the first floor.

The entrance to the restaurant...

So to the review... it was ok. Just ok. We had wantan soup - which was actually nice. The broth had a good taste, the wantan were small but tasty. The other good thing was the fried noodles. The rest under average. The service was Jordanian - not very effective, certainly not Chinese! We paid 24JD, so not fantastically cheap either.

Fried noodles - ok not the most appetizing, but actually ok

There is another Chinese restaurant that we really want to try, located behind the first circle, just didn't fancy trying to find something without success!

As we came home I decided to open a Twitter account. I have been thinking about it for some time. So if you are on Twitter, please come and join me: - ok I admit I don't have clue what all these Twitts and stuff are about but I thought I would give it a try.

But you see, it's not just "another friday afternoon". Certainly not. There are some very proud parents in Amman tonight. Today, Bibs decided that she wanted to start to crawl - she did her first very unsteady moves on the floor today, towards Daddy (of course!). Well shhhhhhh don't tell him - she did a small trial a bit earlier. But a tiny trial, so I'll say that yes, the first crawl was indeed for Daddy...

Ahhh Daddy's girl!

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