Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter

This Easter I would like to give thanks. Give thanks for everything that I have got. I think that too often we forget that we are blessed with so many good things and only tend to stop on the small things which bother us in life.

But before I do, let me tell you a bit about Easter in Denmark. Homes are decorated with eggs, small chickens, bunnies and other flowers, colours are mainly yellow and light green to represent Spring. You can check out some decorations here: Royal Copenhagen, they make the most awesome decorations (Christmas also) as well as dinnerware and home decors. It's not cheap, but I love their stuff! We don't do Easter eggs in the garden, but we have 'Gækkebreve' or teaser letters. Let me explain: It is a tradition going back to the 16th century and was then called bind letters. Nowadays they are anonymous letters send out composed in rhymes (or short poems) and with a paper cutting. They are signed with an amounts of dots representing each letter of the senders name and the receiver must guess who it comes from in 3 guesses, if they can't they owe the sender an Easter egg. The famous Danish author H.C Andersen was also known for his paper cuttings.

This is an example - you can find plenty online by searching 'Gækkebreve'

Then as always, there is the big Easter Sunday lunch, when friends & families gather to feast Jesus' Resurrection for the believers and an occasion to be together for the others. The lunch is usually a buffet which consists of marinated herring, small prawns, cut meats, hard boiled eggs, leverpostej (our liver pate), a warm dish (generally lamb or chicken) and a cheese board. Of course with all lunch in Denmark we serve akvavit also known as snaps (alcoholic beverage served in shots) and beer - we even have a special Easter beer.

Well, well enough about traditions...

I am so ever grateful for having a our baby girl. She the most precious we have got, I can never be thankful enough. I have a fab husband, who is kind and smart, funny and loving and who is taking care of us - I even get a present now and then! Though far away, I have both my fantastic parents, a great sis and wonderful nieces & a nephew, I love them all very much. I have caring in-laws who always make me feel welcome and a sister-in-law, I consider my sister. Far away as well are my old friends whom I know I can trust and count on. We are living in a peaceful country, we are free to say and think what we want. I have the liberty to pray my God. We are living a comfortable life. And for this and much more I don't give enough thanks...

Tomorrow night we are staying at the Six Senses Spa, yet another reason to be grateful! I will be back with lots of pictures and tell you all about the hotel!

I wish you a great Easter week-end.

Are you giving thanks for what you have?

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