Monday, 19 April 2010

High Tea in Amman

Yesterday I went for afternoon tea with a friend and her daughter, who is the same age as Bibs. We chose the Sheraton and had a lovely time in their Green Lounge. I have always liked High Tea, there is something indulgent about it! The first time ever I went for tea was at the Savoy Hotel in London, my sister took me along with my boyfriend at the time (who happens to be Bobs!) as well as one of my nieces. I loved it and have ever since.

This is the entrance at the Sheraton - The Green Lounge is just up the stairs

We got lovely small sandwiches, as my friend says, it tastes so much better when they are cut out in small pieces and the crust is off! There was cheese, egg, cucumber, salmon... And then small scones with cream and strawberry jam. The tea selection is really nice, they have the usual Darjeeling or early grey, but also some more exotic ones, named Paradise or 1001 nights.

The "Perfect Tea Timer" - Love it!

And of course high tea would not be complete without cakes. And let me tell you the cakes at the Sheraton are Yummy, I mean real Yummy!! There was in particular this small strawberry tart, with a short crust and then a light cream underneath.

Yummy cakes!

The girls behaved, sitting in the sofas and enjoying themselves, playing with their toys and tasting some of the sandwiches. They are very baby friendly and don't mind the bit of mess and high talking those small darlings can do. Oh! forgot the price, 7.5JD (plus tax and service charge), so really not expensive for a lovely couple of hours spent in a nice environment.


MommaBean said...

Thanks for the tip. I've been wanting to take the bean girls for a Mommy and daughter high-tea, but wasn't sure where to go. We may just have to try the Sheraton...

Babs said...

You should defenitely try it! They have a great pianist too. I thought it was good value for money. Let me know what u think!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!
How much is 7.5JD?

Babs said...

Hi Carine, how is it going in Singapore? We might come and visit this summer. will you be there? A JD is more or less 1 Euro. Life here is not that cheap, specially imported goods.

Carine said...

Hey Babs! Sorry I didn't see your message until now! When is summer? :) Yes please come to visit us. En principle, we'll be there until end of August.

Babs said...

Well that was when Bobs thought he could have holidays in July... not so sure anymore :( so don't know if we can make it before August. Are you going to Australia??

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