Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An Ammanite speciality

I don't even know if it exists "Ammanite" but how else could I name something/someone from Amman?

There is this little speciality that I wanted to share; they are everywhere in the city and I find them quite amazing, a kind of art really.

These ones look like they are going somewhere!

I don't get how they can get so big & so green! There can't be a lot of water in these holes.

There are lots so I'll post about some even more fancy ones (have spotted them already, just need to take the pictures!).


PARIMITA said...

Thanx Babs 4r visitng my blog and also being a follower to my blog. Your blog is very informative and nice. The pictures are also very nice. Keep up the good work. SORRY 4r late reply as i am very busy moving around Q8 and showing the places of interest to my bro who is here for 10days only.

Anonymous said...

Babs, thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading seems so exciting living in another country for a couple of years! I would love it!
Rosaleen ♥

Babs said...

@ Paramita, Hope you enjoy the time with your bro & thanks for still taking the time to drop in.
@ Rosaleen - it's true it's very exciting to live in a different country & if all goes well in a couple of years it is yet a new one! We absolutely love it!

Cynthia said...

Great pictures! I am constantly amazed at all the decorative "sidewalk trees" in Amman.

Mohammad Tarakiyee said...

I personally prefer the term Ammani, but I'm have no authority on the subject. Ammanite sounds like a precious stone to me. =P

I just discovered your blog, and I enjoyed every second reading it. Look forward to reading it regularly!

Babs said...

A precious stone? yeah that's true. Ammani sounds good :) will think about that next time!

Glad you are enjoying my blog. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing back!

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