Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Another yogurt fan!

Some of you might remember my post in January about yogurts in Jordan - no no they are still not fab, but I have found some natural ones - you know the ones "without taste" - which we like. And yes you notice the "WE"... Finally, I have discovered that my girl has, incredibly enough, also inherited something from me (not only Daddy!!): Bibs likes yogurts.

Weaning Bibs was something I was really excited about. I think lots of mums are. So when she got 5 months I couldn't wait any longer and the 1st Jan I started to give her solids. It goes very well, she likes her food. But there are some things she really loves.

And when I say that she loves, I mean as soon as she sees it she kicks and laughs and taps her hands on the table of her high chair. It is so funny. Above they are these things: obviously the yogurt, her small cheese, homemade apple and apricot compote, banana and finaly dates. Of course we keep discovering things she likes and some she doesn't but those above are really hits!


Pelletier Familly said...

C'est mimi !!!
A partir de 5 mois tu commence à lui donner des solides ???? Tu as commencé par quoi ?

Irene Ma-Poon said...


Babs said...

ehhh soeurette ca marche :)
ouai a 5 mois je tenais plus! c trop excitant je trouve... j'ai commence par de la farine de riz (une cereale que tu trouves en UK). ici tu trouves des trucs en pharmacie. y'a un lien pour un blog pour des recettes de bebe sur mon blog , ca te donne plein d'info aussi par quoi commence, quoi faire et pas faire. ca m'a ete bein utile!

Maki said...

Count me and my daughters in too!!! I still remember how much my girls were in love with their yobaby yogurt. They still eat yogurt like ice cream:)

Babs said...

I think I could live of yogurt seriously. I just find it incredible, because they are quite sour - but she doesn't care! Even better if she doesn't really want to it something, I just pour yogurt over it and hop down it goes!!

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