Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My worse taxi ride...

... so far!

Bobs and I share car - we don't really need 2, so he takes the car in the morning to go to work and whenever I need it I take a cab to go and pick it up. One day, while my parents were visiting, I went down in the street and waited for a little bit. And the reflex is, you see the yellow car coming you waive to it so it stops. Well as I raised my hand and saw the taxi stop - I thought hmmm maybe I was a bit too fast on that one. The bumpers were more rainbow coloured than yellow, and as I sat on the backseat there were holes in the floor - couldn't actually see the road, but I suspect that if I had lifted the carpet I could have. The driver reached 60km/hour as fast as his old car could do it and I realised quite quickly as he braked that there was literally no gum left on the wheels, as he nearly missed the turn because he couldn't brake fast enough and the car just continued to slide on the pavement. The battery light was on and the light for the airbag (yeah there was one!!) was blinking furiously. He propeled the car up the hill, not looking left or right at any intersection, of course he was on the main road and thus had the priority, but still what if his cousin arrived from the right at that time? At the circle (name for a roundabout here) he just hit the horn and went for it, forcing the other cars to brake so they wouldn't hit us. Pweh, good we only live 5 minutes from the hotel... don't think my nerves could have taken another 5! Too bad I didn't have my camera with me.

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