Saturday, 10 April 2010

A walk in the park

One thing Amman is lacking of is green areas. There are no parks as such and where there is an attempt well the trees can't be more than 2 or 3 years old, so the general impression is not really that of a park... You know grass, big trees under which you can sit in the shade. That is next to non existant in Amman.

King Hussein Park (will do a post about this one)
This is a Park in Deir Ghbar

You get the idea! So here if you go to the "park", well it is more a playground. So you have to choose your timings correctly, because it can quickly get a bit too hot to run around in - well Bibs of course doesn't do that much running as yet. At least the kiddies can be outside and get some air, which is after all the idea. Ashame it can't be combined with some walking for the mummy as well!


Elisa, Croatia said...

It amazes me that where you live has really nice playground areas.
Our slides are geared towards older kids. Now that our daughter wants to start climbing by herself, I have to stretch my arms to help her go up the steps, then with one hand hold her then walk around to catch her as she slides down. Its a bit scary ;)

Babs said...

playgrounds they are good at in Jordan!!! indoor and outdoor... and there are quite a few of them as well, you just need to know where they are, because as usual here not easy to find. So preparing for the big departure??

Pelletier Familly said...

Les terrains de jeux sont vraiment sympa mais ou est l'herbe et les arbres dans les parcs ?

Babs said...

Ouai t'as remarque toi aussi ! en fait si je devais deviner je dirai qu'il y a 2-3 ans il a ete decide qu'Amman manque d'espaces verts et on a commence a planter, mais bon ca prend du temps pour grandir tout ca!! Quant aux musees ils sont un peu petit... mais on en a plus que vous quand meme!! haha

Anonymous said...

Please, tell me what is the location of the park in the photos above. Thanks

Babs said...

Welcome to Amman! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! This park is located in Deir Ghbar. At the 6th circle if you turn towards Abdoun/Deir Ghabr, you pass 2 traffic lights (first is where you would turn to Cozmo on the right, second is to the US Embassy to the left). A little up the hill and you turn left (so you cross the road), then you follow the road (right and left I think) and there it is. There is another one in Abdoun: by the Jordan Kids Club, you make a turn by the beauty salon across the road, and it's up the road on the right. I will locate them on the map at the end of my blog. Hope you enjoy Amman.

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