Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Married at 15?

I don't receive the Jordan Times at home - maybe I should - but sometimes when I have the time, I mean by that: Bibs asleep... - I go onto to their website and have a quick read through the news. And this morning I nearly choked.

Appearently, a new legislation gives the possibility for a girl to get married at 15. Well surely that can only be a mistake? In countries like France, it has been going in the opposite direction: for 200 years, girls could marry at 15, but since 2006, they have to be 18. I mean, at 15 even though I wanted to be very grown up, I was still a kid - and I am pretty sure that it is the same for Jordanian girls.

How on earth is such a young girl going to take care of a husband, a house, kids? Because married=children. Mum at 15? Their bodies are not ready! I am 30-something (don't want to think about it... less than a month to my birthday, again!) - and I can't cope with having food on the table, baby in bed and being all smiles when my hubby comes back from work - so not wanting to underestimate anybody here but how is a 15 year old going to? - just want to add that I do the smiling part and that Bobs is happy to see his girl.

Would parents really consider giving a girl away at 15? well unfortunately I suppose so... How on earth will women ever get a proper education, a place in the Jordanian society? Jordan is working so hard to have a well deserved place amongst modern and developped countries and then somebody, somewhere comes out with this? It is sad, very very sad...


Scoop said...

That is sad news indeed.

Nadya said...

It's such a shame, when they have their whole life ahead of them to get married (or not). In my case, I struggle with being early 30s and looking after just me, and in the past a bofyfriend), so a baby at 15 sounds crazy!

Babs said...

Yep couldn't agree more! I find it difficult enough @ my age!

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