Saturday, 24 April 2010

Indochine @ the Grand Hyatt

A couple of times now we have had dinner at the Grand Hyatt's Indochine, the Vietnamese restaurant located in the basement of the hotel. The restaurant has a lovely colonial feel to it with its wooden shutters and lazy fans in the ceiling. The kitchen is open into the restaurant, something I really like. It is to the smoking section though and the non smoking section is unfortunately not as charming, it is like less effort has been put into it. It's funny isn't it? When you could still smoke in restaurants in the US and Europe it was the other way around! Smokers would end up in the corner next to the toilets, well here it is still the other way around - ok not everywhere but most places.

Entrance to the restaurant

Food wise, the appetizers are not disappointing. Lovely crispy nems, tasty dumplings or shrimps fried in a light batter. The main courses are nice - sauteed beef with ginger and spring onions or a green curry, lots of fish and sea foods on the menu as well. Haven't really tasted the deserts, but they make their own ice cream and the green tea and the lemon ones are nice. But the best thing - and it is not on the menu - is the Vietnamese soup Pho: a lovely and tasty broth with beef and noodles. The service is friendly, not overly effective, but then it rarely is in Jordan. Let's talk money: you have to count 50JD at least for 2 without wine - so not cheap, but then you are at the Grand Hyatt, so it is expected.

Starters @ Indochine


Anonymous said...

Oooh, my mouth is watering, it looks so yum.

Zach said...

I don't know if you've heard of Abu Khalil's before, but it's one of - if not the most - famous Chinese restaurant in Amman. You can find it down near Rainbow street and off down across the street from Ahliya Girl's school.

I wrote about them here, after I met the owner, Peter Kwai, and his wife. Some of the nicest people ever - I eat their all the time and I find the prices and food to be highly recommendable!

Babs said...

Hi Zach, Have heard of the restaurant and have actually read the same article as you :) but have never been able to locate it. I'll take a drive to rainbow street this week, should be able to find it now, thanks to you!

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