Saturday, 1 May 2010

Farmers Market @ the Jordan Museum

I read last week about a farmers market on Zach's blog and I thought we should go and have a look. It takes place every saturday from 10am to 2pm, until end of June. Souq al Balad is located on the site of the Jordan Museum, downtown.

There are not many stalls, but the initiative is nice and who knows maybe it will grow a bit with time.

I bought some fresh vegetables (melon, lemon green peppers, salad... for 3JD) and the guy added an apple for Bibs and some green chilis.

And then there was this really nice girl selling soaps that she makes. All vegan - no added preservatives, synthetic colours...) I bought some sea salt (to use as soap), can't wait to use it!

In the back you can see a whole bar of soap, before it is cut.

A soap is 4 JD (as my sea salt), she makes smaller soaps one can take when travelling and hanging soaps for the shower. I should really have taken more pics! She doesn't have a shop (told me it was far too expensive) but here is her website: - you can place an order through there. She is at this market every saturday and then at the market in Rainbow street on fridays - can't remember when that was opening! I think such a young entrepreneur deserves back up! Her pricing is fair.

This is the sea salt I bought

There were stalls with local food, used books, crafts - should have looked closer at that, but then it gives me one more reason to go back.


Mark H said...

I love markets in towns I've never visited. I think they are a mark of what the city is like - what's for sale, how vibrant is the market, are their entertainers around, are the prices bartered for,...

Babs said...

I love markets as well - this is the first try of a farmers market so really small. Of course there are souks in Amman, but with a baby it's a difficult visit! I have to wait till she has grown a bit!

Zach said...

Thanks for visiting! :) I hope that my company will make the pre-Jara market again next year. A few years ago we had one called Souq al-Arth (Market of the Earth) and it was so popular with expats that it was a primary driving force to restart it under the name of Souq al-Bel'ad.

I think the guy you brought the vegetables from is Ismaeil. He's one of the sweetest, most talkative old farmers you could meet. He used to work with me at the same refugee training center, as the gardening instructor. I miss having him working at the center with us these days!

Babs said...

It's a really good initiative! There should be more of this type in Amman - Expats love that lol!!
It's true the vegetable guy was really nice :)

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