Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This morning's taxi ride

"Where are you from?" is such a standard question here in Jordan. I have already written about it (click here) and my first post about this question is a couple of years old. I have gone back to saying am from Denmark, because that's where I come from and I have decided I have no reason really not to say the truth.

I loved this morning small talk with the taxi driver and it started of course with "Where are you from?"...

It went like this:

Taxi driver: where are you from? America?
Me: no...
Taxi driver: England?
Me: no... I am from Denmark
Taxi driver: Ahhh! ...silence... It's very warm in the car no?
Me: yes, a bit (it must have been 35 degrees in there - and only 6 outside)
The Taxi driver opens the window
Taxi driver: more silence... and says: Too much milk!
Me: What do you mean too much milk?
Taxi driver: Too much milk in Denmark, too many cows!

I laughed so much! I thought it was sweet and funny at the same time. He obviously sat that and wondered what he could say about Denmark - where the cows come from I have no idea.

He lightened my day because it's raining again. A lot.

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