Monday, 6 February 2012

1st IWAA meeting

The first International Women's Association Amman meeting took place last thursday and was clearly a success.

Over 100 hundred ladies turned up, many nationalities, including British, American, but also Indian and Norwegian, Tanzanian or Jordanian. After a cup of coffee or 2 and some pastries, we had a welcome speech by the founder.

Then Jane Taylor, the famous writer and photographer, made a presentation about her work here in Jordan. It was very interesting as she has pictures from the mid-80s and she was showing how archaeological sites, as Petra or Jerash, have evolved and changed over the past 25 years. She has published 5 books about Jordan - they are incredible material, they give another dimension and help to understand Jordan. I bought one of her books on Petra - it's a fab read and her photographies are really beautiful.

The next meeting will be held on 1st of March at the Sheraton - 10 am. The membership fees are still to be discussed so I will let you know when I know about it. There will also be a certain number of activities to which members will be able to sign up, for a fee as well.

The website is not yet up and running, but here are the contact details for the association:
Facebook page: IWAAmman
twitter: #IWAAmman

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