Monday, 13 February 2012

A demonstration in Amman

Saturday I ran into this with my friend as we came onto Zarhan street, after having visited Silsal, one of my favourite shops in Amman.

When we moved to Jordan 2 years ago, demonstrations were simply not permitted. Today is another matter. That is one of the things that has changed in Amman after the Arab Spring of last year. I don't really know what the demonstration were for or against - but if I should guess probably for the King.

Now we have demonstrations practically every thursday at the 4th circle. 


Sonali said...

Hi! It was the King's 50th birthday on Saturday, and they had a parade to celebrate. So I think that must have been what you were witnessing :)

Babs In Amman said...

That was probably it! I can't believe I didn't see you guys before you left! :(

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