Thursday, 2 February 2012

Olives - The Book, The Blog

I don't have much energy today... busy busy with the first IWAA meeting this morning, which was a success and I will blog about it, maybe tomorrow when the energy is back - then play time this afternoon with the kids at cutie town  - an indoor playground which also needs a post.

But even without energy I had to log on to my blog to see if there was a new post on this blog: Olives. I am completely absorbed by it! I need to get myself the book so I can read it - unfortunately the author has not been able to publish in Jordan... but you can also read about that on his blog. The story takes place in Jordan and each post starts with a passage of the book.

Am sure you will love it!
I hope you all have a great start to your week-end.


Lisa in Hawaii said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for posting about this blog!

Babs In Amman said...

I know exciting stuff!!

Alexander McNabb said...

Thanks Babs!

I'm having fun writing it, I must say. And I there's plenty of material for posts, too! :)

Thanks for dropping by. I'll have the kettle on next time...

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