Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shopping at Spinneys

I like going to Spinneys. I don't really know if it is more or less expensive that Cozmo or Miles. Some of my friends find that yes, others no. So I guess it depends what you buy. There are things you can ONLY get at Spinneys as yogurts at 7JD for 4 or apples @ 10JD ++ the kilo - I know scary. But today I found one thing you can only get at Spinneys and that costs less than 1JD: a Reusable Shopping Bag. Yes.

So I bought a couple of them. I am so fed up with all these plastic bags I get every time I go shopping. I am going to drown in them. The funny thing was that it was probably the first time the guy that was packing actually had some in his hands. He looked at me and asked me very seriously if I wanted to use them. Hmmm yes! then he went completely nuts and loaded the bag so much that I could barely carry it!

Once I got home I had to get one of my plastic bags so I could transfer some stuff over. At least one of them got a second life. I know I could reuse them, but I always forget and seriously I think the supermarket staff would think I am a complete weirdo if I did.

And then I like their motto... It would be nice if it was true. Not that I have had a negative experience, in general the staff is actually very nice and helpful.

If only they hadn't run out of Ella's kitchen stuff. Talking about baby food - you can get Happytot pouches in some pharmacies now, including the pharmacy at Taj Mall and the little one in the street leading down to Mecca Street from the Four Seasons hotel. 


Anonymous said...

And HappyBaby & Happymelts by the pharmacy in Abdoun circle ;D

Annika Bock said...

Cozmo also sells reusable shopping bags for over 2 years! They aren't as fancy looking but bright orange (used to be located next to the cashiers where the plastic stuff (cutlery, plates, garbage bags) is sold).

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