Monday, 27 February 2012

A good baby shop and a talk about bread

Opposite the Kuwaiti embassy, on the road from the US embassy towards Dair Ghbar there is a little stretch with some shops. I have already blogged about it, that's where you find a second cup and a cactus shop (or is it cacti?!) - well I was told there was a new bakery opened and of course I had to check it out.

But before I come to that (and the lovely cookies they make) well I have to talk about Rawhi Pharmacy. You see, I have learned to go into every single pharmacy I find on my way, just to have a look at their baby stuff selection - sometimes, like today, one can have a fab discovery.

The call themselves the "One Stop Baby Shop" and yes it probably could be. On the first floor they have a huge amount of strollers and car seats - several UK and French brands (the prices are huge as well...) but the choice is there. Then sell playpens and booster seats, high chairs and bath tubs and all kind of security things (monitors, mats for the bath, shades for the car windows... etc) and the whole collection of bébé comfort (toys, plates and cutlery, baby carriers...). You can even make a wish list for the arrival of your little one. And then the best thing of my discovery... They sell "organix" products!

Don't get too excited, I got the 2 last pouches (2.400 JD), but I did tell the pharmacist to get more and to get other flavours.... A part from the pouches, they have teething biscuits, cereals bars, raisins... so good stuff!

So after leaving baby shop heaven, I arrive at BreadTalk, the bakery. I got a bit disappointed as I had a "no" when I asked the shop assistant if I could take pictures (that's the first time in 2 years). It's a bakery, there is nothing so special about their concept and I just wanted a couple of pics to illustrate my blog. Shame.

So a part from the not so understanding shop assistant, it's a nice place. There is a small sitting area to enjoy coffee and cake. They have lots of salty things (garlic bread is one I remember) and then they have a few different types of toasts, biscuits... and cakes. They have an open kitchen which is a nice feature, the pastry guy was making what seemed to be a yummy cake. 

this is what you get for 12JD...
This is what I bought. A carrot toast and wholegrain toast, both are very nice. Bibs loved the wholegrain one. And then the reason why I went, their biscuits: they are freshly made by hand, no additives, only good stuff. A little sweet maybe for some, but with a good cup of coffee or a lovely cuppa tea they are perfect. It's a bit expensive - the wholegrain toast is 3JD, which double the price of the supermarkets. Biscuits are 3JD as well. 

I love days like this! It's always nice to discover new places. 


Amit said...

Thanks for this! These are two things we will really appreciate knowing about when we arrive. Our little one also loves whole grain bread, especially dark German bread... And we are eager to find a good store that will have all the baby stuff we need. Your blog is a great resource :)

Anonymous said...

Nice bread!! Seems a bit expensive,can "ordinary" Jordanians afford it? Even 1,5 JD seems expensive for a small loaf of bread. (I'm not sure about the salaries in Jordan though..)
/S Susan

Babs In Amman said...

@ Amit... As always happy to help! we have a german bakery for the german bread :)

@ Susan... The typical bread here is the flat bread, you buy that in bakeries in kilo batches and that is really cheap - something like .700 or .800 fils per kilo i think! I think a policeman is one 150JD/month so...

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