Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My missing shopping bag

Have you ever wondered what happens if one of your bags goes missing at the supermarket? Well today I found out.

Weekly shopping at Cozmo today - I really go less and less to that shop, mainly because I find going to Spinneys much more convenient and it's closer to home. Today however I decided to go because I wanted to buy some of the Cow Gate cereals for Bobsy - I didn't get any because they were all expired, hmmm expired baby food? - well anyway, I get to the check out and one of the guys help me and empties the cart and for once actually listens to me when I tell him food items first. Another guy packs my shopping, with too many plastic bags, as usual, and he laughs because I repack after him and I give him some empty bags back.

With all this I forget a bag. Of all bags it had to be the baby wipes - nearly 9 JD worth of baby wipes - I know a bloody rip off. So I get home and realise that the bag is missing. I need the things so drive all the way back to Cozmo, not really believing that I will get my wipes without paying for them again.

Well, I was wrong. I go to the "customer services" counter and tell the guy behind it my little story about my missing bag, showing him my receipt. Surprise, surprise... out comes a big black notebook, he looks under today's date and says "yes madam we have them". I was stunned. Seriously, I was so surprised. Jordanian efficiency? Something new.

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