Saturday, 23 October 2010

Some beautiful Art: a visit to Silsal

Next week my really good Danish friend is heading home to the cold, home to Denmark for good with Bibs' best friend. We (the mums from our baby group) wanted her to have something spacial and Jordanian to take with her, so she doesn't forget us that fast. Upon recommendation I went to Silsal. It is such a surprising place, with the most tasteful and modern ceramics. It is nested between the 4th and 5th circles.

You will find everything there and for most budgets as well (don't be fooled by the prices you see on their web page). Beautiful vases, salad bowls, lamps, coffee sets - they even have a Christmas collection.

If you are looking for a little something (or a bigger something) to decorate your home in Amman or for a gift to bring back "home" this is really a place in Amman to consider going.

My salad bowl... I love it!
This is my first buy at Silsal and definitely not the last. I absolutely adore this shop. I read in their small leaflet that you can also see the "atelier",will do that when I go without Bibs. She thinks this place is a bit too interesting.


Ulrike, Dubai said...

That is a lovely shop. Next time I'm in Amman, I will certainly look it up. I want that salad bowl!!

Babs said...

You should! It's really nice :) I love my salad bowl as well!

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