Thursday, 11 February 2010

Lunch at the Wild Jordan Nature Centre

Today I met with a couple of other mums and their girlies for lunch at the Wild Jordan Nature Centre. It is located after the 1st circle, above the old city of Amman and with fantastic views over the Citadel as well as the famous flag of Jordan (which is absolutely huge!). You can see it on the left hand side of the picture below.

The centre promotes the protection, the sustainable use of Jordan's resources as well as Eco Tourism. On the Website you will find information about trailing in different nature reserves, where you can stay, the costs...
The building is a new structure in glass and steal, built on the edge of a mountain, there are plenty of floors, but an elevator as well! There is a craftshop with really nice items from different nature reserves around the country. I bought some small things: 2 small hand made bowls, a soap tray and a soap made from olive oil - total of 14JD - I know not cheap but it is for the good cause! Then there is an area where with sofas and nature magasines. This is where we had lunch, they usually don't serve there but 3 mums and 3 babies made them understand that it was a bit easier. It is also a breastfeeding friendly place. The food is a "healthy option" place - it offers healthy snacks, salads and light meals through out the day. I had an Artichoke salad which was really nice, very fresh produce - with a blueberry milkshake (skimmed milk please!) and a bottle of water for a total of 11JD - that's also not cheap - but the location is nice and it is breastfeeding friendly! 

Then you have the restaurant located on 2 floors (one smoking, one non) as well as an outside terrasse I think, but it didn't look open and don't know if it was easy accessible with a stroller.
All in all a nice and refreshing place to come and enjoy some amazing views, and contribute as well to the protection of Jordan's fabulous nature heritage.

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