Friday, 19 February 2010

The Yogurt Post!

I love yogurts - natural or with fruits, blended or with pieces. I am a yogurt fan. I love the fresh taste in the mouth, it's sometimes a bit sour, sometimes you get this big piece of fruit. But why on earth do Jordanians like so much gelifier in their yogurt?? Had to check, but the word seems to exists! Since I am kid I love to look at the ingredients list on the side of the pot (also on cereals!) and I am not surprised to read: modified starch, pectin and agar agar - I mean seriously one of these should be enough. This morning I have an "Elle & Vire" Lychee, I have tried Danone, 2 Jordanian makes and they are all the same. A kind of over-gluey artificial milky desert. What a strange thing! Another funny thing is that in Europe, you'll constantly see "fat free", "low calories",... well here it is the opposite: "with at least x% of fat". I know I still have some makes to try so I am not completely disillusioned yet, but if ever there is a yogurt maker reading this, please do something about yogurts in Jordan!!


Elisa, Croatia said...

I will say that yogurts here in Croatia are pretty darn good. Hopefully you find a brand that actually tastes good.

Babs said...

will keep u posted lol

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