Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Citizens of the World

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day during our now weekly Starbucks Mum & Baby meet-up and she asked me what I consider “Home”… Many people actually ask me that question.

I am born in Denmark, this small Scandinavian country – and no there are no polar bears walking around in the streets of Copenhagen!! When I was kid we moved to France where I grew up, then went on studying in Switzerland and started to travel – US, UK, back to France, back to UK and now Jordan. Well I don’t know where home is! I feel very Danish and I am proud to be Danish – but I left far too young to able to call it “Home”. I grew up in France and I call my parents house “home” – but I don’t feel or consider myself French, so it is not there either…

That got me wondering, is that strange not to be able to say where home is? Yesterday home was London, home today is Amman, tomorrow it will most probably be somewhere else. Of course it has it’s disadvantages: you are often far away from your family & old friends, it is difficult to keep up with family traditions, I miss some foods… but apart from these few things I can only see advantages: it has made me who I am today – tolerant, open minded, new things don’t scare me (well they do a little bit now that I am a mum and that’s a new feeling!). I have visited plenty of countries and will hopefully see many more. I know people from big cities and others from tiny places there are not even on maps.

So am I missing out on something? and more importantly what about Bibs? will it be a problem for her as she grows up? or will she just adapt easily to her new surroundings every time we will have to move? of course we might find in this world a place where one day, we would want to stay and that I finally can call “Home”.

Maybe, some time, some where…

For the time being, I guess I can call us Citizens of the World.


Elisa, Croatia said...

I have also been asked the same question and I have to explain, I was born in Mexico,at the age of 8 we immigrated north to the States (Texas) then moved to Colorado and lived there for 4 years where Beli was born. Now I'm living in Croatia (hubby's native country). So after all that I saw Home is Now, where we live. And just think how we are enriching our child's life. But as a motherliving in a new country with a baby (kinda least for me.) Glad to have stumbled upon your blog.


A Mexican mommy living in Europe

Babs said...

got my answer :) lol

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